NOTE: If you're looking for free examples of business proposals -- or a sample of a service proposal -- there are two PDF files, online, from which you can get some good formatting and content ideas. Those two free proposal examples are available at Proposal They include a 9-page sample of a food catering proposal and an 11-page sample of a networking proposal. If you decide to purchase any of the easy-to-use proposal template kits available at that site, you also get 155 sample proposals as part of the package -- including 27 service proposals. They're great to use as examples when writing your own service proposal.

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Proposal Kit and Marketing Proposal Template are Tools for Writing Winning Business Proposals:

Accurately quote your projects, create winning proposals, negotiate your contracts, multiply your profitability, brand yourself as a top professional and close the sale. Proposal Kit helps you demonstrate that you are the right professional for your customers. It's the indispensable software tool for writing a marketing proposal at a moments notice. Proven for over a decade to be fast, easy, customizable and accurate.

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Proposal Template Kit Includes Business Proposals Examples is a leading source of marketing proposal templates and sample proposals, proposal letters, and proposal writing guidance. If you've been researching how to write a marketing proposal, then these proposal kits and examples of proposals will provide you with the information, the marketing proposal templates, and the formatting help you need to get the job done right! Here's an excerpt from their web site describing their sample business proposal collections :

"The Sample Proposal Collections are complete sample proposals designed to assist you in writing your own business proposals. Easy to follow samples range in length of 5 to over 30 pages each. The sample proposals are based on our Proposal Pack frameworks."

Sample Proposal Collections are pre-written read-only Acrobat PDF documents. There is no software included or required other than your own web browser and the free Acrobat reader. Save hundreds of dollars over other companies' business proposals collections."

Sample proposals show you how to lay out a business proposal including common elements such as
  • cover letters
  • title pages
  • table of contents
  • executive summaries
  • cost summaries
  • project design
  • customer needs
  • your own skills and capabilities
Click here for the full list of sample business proposals and more information on how to order 120 sample proposals. Check out these two free business proposal samples: a sample of a networking proposal and a sample of a food catering business proposal.

With the purchase of a Proposal Pack, you'll receive four volumes sample proposals,
including the following business proposals examples and service proposal samples:

  • sample proposal for large web site
  • CD-ROM production proposal
  • small business web site proposal
  • micro business website proposal
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • accounting and payroll services proposal
  • CD-ROM marketing services
  • IT product and service sales
  • food services proposal
  • corporate identity creation proposal
  • business services proposal (proposal for services)
  • business consulting proposal
  • technology consulting services
  • janitorial services proposal
  • book publishing proposal
  • technology business plan
  • educational grant proposal
  • retail location and business plan
  • Property Management Services Proposal
  • Commercial Real Estate Broker Proposal
  • Private Eye Investigation Services Sample Proposal
  • Food Services Catering Sample Proposal
  • Accounting and Payroll Services Proposal
  • Daycare Center Sample Proposal
  • Senior Home Care Sample Proposal
  • Environmental Cleanup Sample Proposal
  • Lawn Care and Landscaping Services Proposal
  • Event Party Planner Services Proposal
  • Security Services Proposal
  • Wedding Planner Services Sample Proposal
  • Occupational Therapy Services Sample Proposal
  • Transportation Shipping Services Sample Proposal
  • Home Daycare Services Sample Proposal