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Good Real Estate Marketing Letters Are an Ingredient of Sales Success

Real estate marketing letters can be a valuable sales tool for cultivating relationships, generating leads, and maintaining "top of mind awareness". The challenge in any kind of advertising, marketing, or direct mail campaigns is to stay as visible to your target audience as possible without exceeding your marketing budget.

Do Real Estate Marketing Letters Work?

Real estate marketing letters can be a contributing factor to making a sale if they're used as a part of an overall marketing strategy. Like any business, marketing tends to work best when it's continuous, cumulative, and based on an integrated approach? In other words, it's necessary to keep your name and message in front of the right people on an ongoing basis, and do so in several different ways. By continually reinforcing your recognition factor, credibility, and approachability, you're increasing the likelihood that one of your prospects will pick up the phone, send you an e-mail, or walk up to you if they see you at a meeting or community event.

Tips for Real Estate Marketing Letters

There are several sound reasons for using real estate marketing letters as part of an integrated marketing strategy. Perhaps the number-one reason is to cultivate relationships with prospects and people in your sphere of influence. Sending out real estate marketing letters to the same trageted prospects on a regular basis also increases the probability that your name and contact information will be in front of them at the right time. If they or someone they're close to are not looking for a new home or commercial property, then they would probably not be too interested in your services. However, conditions change, so a year from now—or maybe next month—a cold prospect could easily turn into a hot prospect!

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Success Factors of Real Estate Marketing Letters

Most people are busy, distracted, and have short attention spans. Oh, and one more thing: Their primary thing that always want to know when they're considering a product or service is, "What's in it for ME?". So, when you're writing or editing a real estate marketing letter—or a real estate flyer, ad, or real estate post card—you want to make sure to focus on benefits, not just boring facts.

Real estate letters should be visually inviting, well organized, and enticing—while maintaining credibility (don't exaggerate or use triple exclamation marks!!!). Bullets are a good way to organize your message and call attention to key points who want to emphasize. Here's an example:

  • Focus on benefits to prospects
  • Use white space to avoid clutter
  • Tell people how and why to contact you
  • Add a P.S. at the end to catch their attention and remind them to take action (call you, e-mail you, subscribe to your newsletter, attend an open house, etc.)

Real Estate Sales Letter Templates

The advantage of using pre-written real estate templates (assuming they're good ones) is that is saves you valuable time and energy. Writing effective real estate sales letters can be a trial-and-error sort of endeavor, and most real estate agents have more productive and profitable ways of spending their limited time. A well-established web site that sells a series of professionally written real estate marketing letters is called "My Real Estate Letters". (I've been affiliated with this site for quite a few years.) They not only have real estate letter templates that you can purchase and download, but the site also contains a couple free samples of well-written real estate marketing letters. Check out this real estate marketing site and give some serious thought to adding real estate sales letters to your overall marketing strategy. Remember...when you're "out of sight, out of mind", then the competition will get the listing!

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