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Promotional Products in a Modern Marketing World

In a world dominated by the latest technological innovation, many people wonder if traditional marketing practices still hold sway. Strategies such as mass mailings, promotional items and personal referrals have been replaced by email blasts, social media mentions, and QR codes. Despite these advances, promotional marketing is still a viable and effective strategy to reach your target customer.

Promotional items have always held a place in the eyes of both the business owner and customer. Owners love that they can emblazon their logo on any number of products—from mugs, t-shirts, and bumper stickers to lanyards at websites like Promo-Lanyards.net. Customers love getting swag. A quick walk into any trade show will reveal tables stacked high with various tchotchkes. Baseball caps, tote bags, stress balls and refrigerator magnets are still highly sought after by customers who are likely to support your brand.

The reason that traditional promotional items are still relevant is simple. Your customer is bombarded with visual images every day. From inbox messages to ads on social media sites, video links and online photos, they are inundated with information. It is, to put it simply, sensory overload. A simple keychain is unobtrusive yet constant. If you consider the sheer volume of information thrown at the typical Internet user, you will understand the appeal of something that's not flashing, singing or otherwise actively engaging the customer.

Given that the average Internet user has an attention span of three minutes or less, your promotional item has staying power. While your website may only remain on the customer's desktop for three minutes, your printed mug will stay on top of their desk for three years. During that time your company's logo will become a part of their subconscious thought process. It will unobtrusively work to advertise your business, day in and day out. Your marketing will reach even beyond the item's owner. The receptionist's co-workers will become accustomed to seeing your logo every time they stop at her desk.

Consider the story of the college student who earned nearly a million dollars by wearing various companies' t-shirts. His daily routine exposed him to thousands of other students. Each one of these students was a goldmine to the companies that wanted their consumer dollar. The idea that a simple t-shirt could have such an impact that companies were clamouring for space on one student's body is proof positive that simple promotional products still hold their own in the marketing game.

Even in an age of technology, promotional products still have a firm hold in the marketing mix.

About the author: Chloe Impney has worked in the marketing industry for several years and has seen how it has changed with the growth of the Internet. However, she believes that there is still value in pursuing older methods including promotional products. For more information, visit www.promo-lanyards.net.

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